Our Mission

Flint and Saginaw Odyssey Houses share an overall goal of indirectly preventing ten people from abusing drugs for every one person who is treated at the facility for substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders.


Interrupting intergenerational cycles of poverty, violence, criminality and substance abuse 
Returning residents back to families as productive members of society
Developing stable families 
Building safe neighborhoods 
Providing community education for a more productive society.


What is a Therapeutic Community?

The Therapeutic Community (TC) is designed to foster healthy lifestyles, abstinence from addictive substances, and the identification of other areas of needed change. The community itself functions as a teacher and guide to sustained recovery.

Participants in a TC setting are residents, as in any family setting, not patients in an institution. Residents of Flint an Saginaw Odyssey Houses play a significant role in managing the TC and acting as positive role models for others to emulate.

In a TC, peer interaction and feedback is the catalyst that changes negative behaviour into positive change and personal insight. High expectations and high commitment from both residents and staff support this change. Insight into one's problems is gained through group and individual interaction. Identifying feelings, conquering fears, learning through experiences of success as well as failure and experiencing the consequences of both are considered to be the most potent influence toward achieving lasting changes.

For more information on Therapeutic Communities their implementation, outcomes, and cost:

Therapeutic Community


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